Signs of Astigmatism

Astigmatism means quite simply your eyes are not perfectly round.  Some children are born with the condition and adults often get it from an eye injury, surgery or disease. The cornea of the eye has an unusual curve to it. This changes the way light passes through your retina causing changes in vision.

Symptoms of Astigmatism

  • blurry vision at long distances
  • problems with vision at night
  • squinting
  • headaches
  • eye strain 

How Does the Eye Site Vision Center Diagnose Astigmatism

Dr. Goberville a board-certified optometric physician or one of his staff will give you a complete eye exam. One of the tests often used is the visual acuity assessment test. It involves having the child or adult read small and large numbers and letters of a chart. You will cover each eye and read letters and numbers from a certain distance. It is used to see how clearly you see and how each of your eyes is working.

The doctor may give you a refraction test which sits you in front of a machine called an optical refractor. It has several corrective lenses of varying strengths. We will have you look through several lenses to find the right one to correct your vision. Another test used is a keratometry.  Using a keratometer they will look at the curvature of your cornea. 

Treatments Available for Astigmatism

At Eye Site Vision Center in FL, Dr. Goberville offers several different treatments depending on the severity of the condition. No treatment may be needed but corrective lenses. He will prescribe the right lenses and have the eyeglasses or contacts made for you.  Ortho-K is another treatment option using specially made contacts to treat the curve in the eye. You will wear these contact lenses for limited periods of time and remove them.  They are worn at night and removed during the day correcting the curve in the cornea.

Contact Our Local Optometrist in Coral Springs Eye Doctor for More Information Today!

Lasik eye surgery is another option using lasers to reshape the cornea. The benefits are that your astigmatism will be permanently corrected. Contact The Eye Site Vision Center for an appointment or an eye exam at 954-451-0400. This Optometrist in Coral Springs and Lighthouse Point can determine what type of treatment you need for astigmatism.