Dr Gary Goberville

Dr. Gary Goberville is a board-certified optometric physician. He attended Tulane University, the University of Florida, and received his Doctor of Optometry at the New England School of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Goberville’s four-year curriculum included adult ocular health, pediatrics and sports-vision correction. Dr. Goberville spent three years working with a pediatric eye surgeon and was an assistant professor of pediatric optometry at Nova Southeast University. Dr. Goberville is a past president of the Broward County Optometric Association and is presently a board member. He resides in Lighthouse Point with his son and daughter.

Healthy vision is much more than 20/20 eyesight! Our modern technology demands more from our vision than ever before. A thorough comprehensive exam is of paramount importance! Dr. Goberville’s complete evaluation will check for glaucoma, eye infections, foreign bodies, diabetes, and brain tumors. Our commitment to the latest medical procedures and state-of-the-art technology is surpassed only by our dedication to the highest-quality care and the best results. Please visit us at one of our three convenient locations, or call us for an appointment today.