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Cataracts Diagnosis and Treatment

Posted on 11-30-2017

Cataracts are a common risk for adults over the age of 40. As you age, the proteins inside of the lens of your eye can clump together, which ultimately turns the lens from clear to cloudy, which n...

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4 Common Symptoms of Glaucoma

Posted on 10-31-2017

Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes optic nerve damage and if it goes undetected, in some cases it may lead to loss of vision. Once there is damage to the optic nerve, it is permanent.  Gl...

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Signs of Astigmatism

Posted on 10-19-2017

Astigmatism means quite simply your eyes are not perfectly round.  Some children are born with the condition and adults often get it from an eye injury, surgery or disease. The cornea of the ...

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Benefits of Ortho-K

Posted on 09-12-2017

Our optometrist at Eye Site Vision Center in Boca Raton offers corneal refractive therapy, also call Ortho-K and orthokeratology, for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism...

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Differences Between Vision and Eye Exams

Posted on 08-30-2017

Most eye diseases do not cause symptoms until they have progressed to an advanced stage. Since the loss of vision occurs so gradually, many people adjust to vision impairment without realizing...

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