About Eye Site Vision Center

Those looking for an eye doctor in Coral Springs, or Lighthouse Point should come to see us at Eye Site Vision Center. We specialize in fitting our patients with the right glasses for them, such as no-line bifocals, Progressives, bifocals, Varilux, and Transitional frames. We even have prescription sunglasses like reflection-free lenses, Transitions, Progressive, and single vision lenses.

About Eye Site Vision Center

Patient satisfaction is at the heart of all we do here at Eye Site Vision Center. That’s why we offer scheduled appointments and emergency visits. Our eye doctor gives one-on-one care to each of our patients, addressing their individual eye care needs.

About Dr. Goberville

At Eye Site Vision Center, we’re led by Dr. Gary Goberville. He graduated from Boston, Massachusetts’ New England School of Optometry (where he earned his Doctor of Optometry degree), the University of Florida, and New Orleans, Louisiana’s Tulane University.

During his time in those schools, Dr. Goberville studied such relevant topics as sports vision correction, pediatric eye care, and adult ocular health. After graduation, he started working at Nova Southeast University as an assistant professor of pediatric optometry.

A Lighthouse Point resident, Dr. Goberville offers many services at Eye Site Vision Center, such as glaucoma testing. His tests, which use high-tech equipment, can even diagnose early signs of a brain tumor, diabetes, foreign bodies, and eye infections.

Dr. Goberville splits his time between serving the Broward County Optometric Association and caring for patients’ eye health at Eye Site Vision Center.

Overview of Services

While we offer frame and contact lenses fittings at Eye Site Vision Center, we’re about so much more than that. Dr. Goberville is also responsible for:

  • Computer vision diagnosis and treatment (which can be diagnosed with visual acuity, refraction, and focus tests)
  • Sports vision (which ensures an athlete’s vision is up to par)
  • Ortho-K (a non-surgical method for reducing reliance on glasses and contacts)
  • Lasik (a laser surgery that corrects common vision issues)
  • Hard-to-fit contacts (for those with astigmatism, dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, keratoconus, presbyopia, and more)
  • Comprehensive eye exams

Scheduling an Appointment

No matter which eye issues you’re dealing with, at Eye Site Vision Center, Dr. Goberville and the rest of our team can get you the treatment you need.

We have three convenient Eye Site Vision Center locations: in Lighthouse Point and Coral Springs.

  • To schedule an appointment in Lighthouse Point, please call (954) 943-3779 or visit us at 2490 North Federal Highway.
  • To schedule an appointment in Coral Springs, please call (954) 344-3937 or visit us at 2344 North University Drive.